Implicit [adjective]

Definition of Implicit:

included without question, inherent, absolute

Opposite/Antonyms of Implicit:

Sentence/Example of Implicit:

What we have now is a system which gives naming rights to the discoverers in an implicit way, where your contributions will bear your names by default, unless you decide to agitate for something else.

Bazzo also said the district should focus on implicit bias training for staff, doing more restorative justice programs and bringing more teachers of color into classrooms.

It also cited implicit and explicit bias and cultural competency.

Many times, that bias is implicit — meaning the people who are biased don’t know they are.

You can find out about some of yours by taking an implicit bias test from Harvard University.

I think that goes back to a limitation implicit in the concept of pardoning itself, which has to do with the common-law precept that you can’t be a judge in your own case.

We are told their ideas of government consist in believing that implicit obedience is due both to king and priests.

Let us, then, rejoice that we possess such a powerful advocate in heaven, and let us place implicit trust in her.

In his family his only use is to be a pattern of timid silence and of implicit submission.

Implicit and immediate obedience he demandedno questioning of his higher authority.