Imploded [verb]

Definition of Imploded:

collapse inward

Synonyms of Imploded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imploded:


Sentence/Example of Imploded:

The Los Angeles Dodgers could have imploded after a historic series of miscues allowed the opposing Tampa Bay Rays to tie the World Series at two games apiece Saturday night.

Entire industries—retail, restaurant, and travel among them—were imploding.

The defending AL champs did not completely implode after the most tumultuous offseason in recent baseball memory.

Shortly thereafter, as you may have noticed, the free-market system imploded, and our Suzuki contacts claim to have no knowledge of what became of the bike.

Zeidan told the Blade the explosion caused “one entire side of the house to sort of implode inwards with all the glass” and “the living room fixtures blew inside as well.”

Technically, they did not explode but implode, but the hood with the revolver did not notice the difference.