Implosion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Implosion:

No one should try to view the implosion in person, county officials said.

The implosion was the indirect result of the collapse, one day previously, of Topshop owner Arcadia Group.

The changes come after the implosion of Wirecard, the fintech that was a DAX member for two years despite repeated allegations of irregularities.

This has tallied not with the 20th century but more pointedly with the period between the start of the Cold War and the current implosion of the liberal world order.

In fact, only in the 1970s and then again following the dot-com bubble implosion were there sustained periods of weak dollar and weak stock price performance, as the chart here shows.

In ten minutes, she had the slow-implosion capsule out of the hopper of a battered old Aldebaranese cargo ship.