Implying [verb]

Definition of Implying:

indicate, mean

Synonyms of Implying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Implying:

Sentence/Example of Implying:

PayPal’s bullishness on cryptocurrencies, Schulman implied, is based on early response to last month’s crypto offering.

The first number implies that it has managed to monetize well as its usage, the second number, has spiked.

Those facts don’t imply that pandemic-induced friction won’t add up.

A natural assumption to make since the name “passage indexing” implies…erm… “passage” and “indexing.”

The way she writes her songs, just guitar and vocals, she implies where the drums are going to be.

This, in turn, implies developer fees, as well as maintenance and hosting expenses.

Christie’s actions as they have been reported imply that anyone who can avoid clinical trials—particularly trials involving a placebo—should do so, and should try to get the investigational drug through expanded access.

Libin said he doesn’t like to think of his startup as a consolidator, or the industry in a consolidation play, as that implies a degree of maturity in an area that he still feels is just getting started.

Ratcliffe confirmed that Iran was also distributing a video “that implies that individuals could cast fraudulent ballots, even from overseas.”

The company also announced a new approach to donations, implying that it would no longer donate to the causes that were at the root of the controversy.