Impolite [adjective]

Definition of Impolite:

having bad manners

Synonyms of Impolite:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impolite:

Sentence/Example of Impolite:

Sometimes we beg him to eat faster, but that seems unhealthy, as well as impolite.

"You may be as impolite to me as you wish; I cannot go," he said.

We were kalkilatin' on yer bein' even that impolite: wasn't we, boys?

In the other, a woman takes no inconsiderable share in the arduous but impolite performance—pulling men by the nose.

It is considered impolite to return the vessel before emptying it, and a good Kirghiz is never guilty of this impropriety.

He did not wish to be impolite, so he kept turning his face aside and pretending to cough.

Insultingly, I made some complimentary but impolite mental observations about her figure, but Marion did not appear to notice.

Frequent consultation of the watch or time-pieces is impolite, either when at home or abroad.

He could quite imagine they would look aghast as if he had spoken of something impolite.

It was ladies' cutting towards which she felt contemptuous, and yet she would have thought it impolite to interfere.