Impoliteness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Impoliteness:

If I had known these Christmas parties countenanced such impoliteness, I would have stayed at home.

In the North, to smoke in the presence of ladies is considered the greatest impoliteness.

There is no good reason for such impoliteness, in the practice of politeness.

We were far off, and in a position where we could admire, without impoliteness.

Every conjugal impoliteness is a lesson in filial disrespect.

His impoliteness made it unpleasant and the remembrance of it will never afford him gratification.

"I broke the hanger; your man is mending it and will bring it here," Millar said coolly, ignoring the marked impoliteness.

"Not that I think we need to——" she hastened to add, lest her hostess might attribute her remark to impoliteness.

It would be the height of impoliteness to leave them; and each visitor scrupulously takes away every remaining bit of his share.

Jim grew garrulous as he read across her shoulder with characteristic impoliteness.