Imported [adjective]

Definition of Imported:

brought in from another place

Synonyms of Imported:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imported:

Sentence/Example of Imported:

Let’s not add drug imports to our list of things to worry about.

Even so, later in October, Brazilian authorities approved the import of 6 million doses of Sinovac’s vaccine candidate.

China is piling import restrictions on goods from Australia, including barley, beef, wine, coal, and copper ore with media reporting that a raft of new restrictions will be introduced this week.

On Tuesday, the South China Morning Post reported that Beijing planned to ban imports of Australian wheat as well, cutting off trade worth $394 million.

By contrast, for its second-largest energy source, oil, China is highly dependent on imports.

Nathalie and I have been stranded in Zambia for the past 115 days, and Zambian customs won’t extend the temporary import papers for her 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser.

Nuclear production dropped 64% and was replaced primarily by imports of natural gas.

That puts China far behind its commitment of boosting imports by 60% over 2017 levels.

He’s ruptured international relationships, maintained tariffs on $350 billion worth of imports, and constructed a series of piecemeal and delicate agreements with trading partners that are as good as the next president’s dedication to enforcing them.

That will make them more reliant on imports and vulnerable to even small shocks to the market, or disruptions to supply.