Importer [noun]

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Peter Elmsly, a partner of the celebrated Paul Valliant, and himself an importer of books and no mean critic and linguist, died.

The long voyage and delay en route compel the importer to ask long credits.

Consequently Japan presents the odd phenomenon of being at once an exporter and a large importer of rice.

The honest importer produces his invoice to the collector, stating the actual price at which he purchased the articles abroad.

Later the Government managed to secure the quantity required, because it became the only sugar importer.

The bad man looked inquiringly at him, and the importer mumbled something to the effect that he "would let it go at that."

Neither am I the importer of this beef, but purchase at the sales in Liverpool, though a broker; neither am I an underseller, 87s.

In late years, the island has not produced enough for its own use, and is now ranked as an importer rather than as an exporter.

The man mentioned was also a jeweler, and a large importer of diamonds and costly gems.

When such goods arrived they were frequently left at a wharf, paying rent until it suited the importer to remove them.