Importing [verb]

Definition of Importing:

signify, display

Synonyms of Importing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Importing:

Sentence/Example of Importing:

We were cut off from the world, and there was no means of importing stores.

The Lusitania happened to be importing goods available in war, therefore the Lusitania must be sunk.

Soon again 95 he was arrested for importing the forbidden literature, and escaped from prison.

But it is one of the biggest importing houses out there and it owes its success to the long and wise head of Captain Anthony.

The purchase of wheat was entrusted to a large importing house, which acted as an agent of the Government.

But this did not prevent our importing the wool of a foreign country, to our own loss.

In the larger camps they do not generally permit the importing of food; but for Comalong its a real blessing.

They began importing cheap foreign capital to supply all new needs.

Valuable service was rendered by him in purchasing clothing for the army, and in importing arms and ammunition.

Is not England daily importing some new improvement therein from the American shores?