Imports [noun]

Definition of Imports:


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Sentence/Example of Imports:

China has fallen behind in its purchases of American agricultural products and energy imports.

The resulting production slowdown caused bottlenecks for all of sorts of imports.

The import reduction is due to three main factors, according to spirits industry veteran Adam Levy.

India’s smart move to tackle this dual problem was to launch a policy which could reduce the crude oil import along with handling the environmental crisis.

The company also announced new initiatives to automate data imports into Google Ads.

India became a net exporter in June for the first time in 18 years, with exports of goods and services outweighing imports by $800 million.

When you next hear of, or see Philip Wharton, you will understand the import of your own words.

I add nothing to the “Extremes,” import nothing from abroad in regard to them, invent nothing.

Porson smoked many bundles of cheroots, which nabobs began to import.

The verb (—) in the Hebrew, when connected with the name of God in different other passages, has the same import.