Imposed [verb]

Definition of Imposed:

set, dictate

Synonyms of Imposed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Imposed:

Sentence/Example of Imposed:

The bank has been suffering from costs associated with a regulatory crackdown over its unethical sales practices, and the Fed has imposed strict limits on its growth.

The governor has relied on contact tracing data and other information to guide which restrictions to impose.

The key idea that Best starts with is what’s known as the principle of training specificity, which basically says that your body adapts to get better at handling whatever stresses you impose on it.

The death sentences before the court, he wrote, “were imposed for heinous federal crimes committed more than 20 years ago” and family members of the 16-year-old victim, he said, were waiting in Terre Haute to witness the execution.

The settlement includes the city taking responsibility for a civil judgment Burley owes to Davis’s family that was imposed in 2014 and has since grown with interest as it went unpaid.

New restrictions went into effect Monday in Virginia that lowered the number of people allowed to gather and imposed new limits on restaurants and businesses.

Teams will choose from volatile, ball-dominant playmakers, imposing big men who aren’t well-rounded, tantalizing athletes who either can’t shoot or don’t defend and speedy, undersized floor generals.

Shortly after the United States began imposing stay-at-home orders because of the pandemic, canceling all of Barrett’s upcoming shows and a summer tour with Brad Paisley, Puth messaged her on Instagram.

The fines were imposed for members of the Steelers’ coaching staff, including Tomlin, not wearing face coverings at all times on the sideline during the game as required by the protocols.

Beijing imposed 80% tariffs on Australian barley shipments and blocked beef imports from four Australian processing plants, citing labeling and compliance issues in June.