Imposter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Imposter:

You’re either a crewmate or an impostor, and no one else knows.

Crewmates win by finishing tasks, or identifying and ejecting all the impostors before you’re outnumbered.

Representation in senior positions is also essential for curbing impostor syndrome, which affects women more than men.

He looked upon her as a species of imposter; a guilty woman in the guise of an innocent one.

"Some imposter who wished to come into the town barefoot, perhaps, and so excite our sympathies," said Miss Chant.

He wanted to run, to burst away from the imposter, but the guy was shaking so hard Bart couldn't just leave him standing there.

"Some imposter must have assumed it," suggested the officer.

If old Urique knew you were an imposter, what sort of things would happen to you?

The audience looked around at Jethro with scornful faces, evidently considering him an imposter.

When the real Lord Foppington arrives he is treated as an imposter, but Tom confesses the ruse.