Impostor [noun]

Definition of Impostor:

person pretending to be something else

Synonyms of Impostor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impostor:


Sentence/Example of Impostor:

If my family sees me emptying the top rack first, willingly, they will know I have been replaced by an impostor.

In 1851 she visited Birmingham and was a welcome guest until "someone blundered" and charged her with being an impostor.

Had this stupendous miracle no effect upon the Jewish priests who had crucified Christ as an impostor?

Then, the sallow, black-haired knave who had last night proclaimed himself as Garnache in disguise was some impostor.

In this respect he will differ from all impostors; for an impostor never had power to "minister this spirit."

He was launched on an adventure as whimsical as tragical, if he was an impostor; and if he was not, as pathetic as droll.

You have surprised me by stating that Major Ratcliffe had a son here: there must be some mistake, or the boy must be an impostor.

The mortal who makes his weapons very sharp by night, may that impostor not rule over us.

When he was gone, the impostor learnt from his son who he was.

I believe you would assent to anything, even if I said you were—an impostor!