Impotent [adjective]

Definition of Impotent:

disabled; unable to perform action

Synonyms of Impotent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impotent:

Sentence/Example of Impotent:

All those other parties are small and mostly impotent because the two major parties have been successful at constraining upstarts.

They have watched in impotent fury as the coronavirus pandemic has boosted governing parties such as Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and incumbent leaders such as Giuseppe Conte in Italy, pushing them to the political margins.

Businesses, if no longer quite oblivious to global warming, seemed impotent to make changes that might slow it.

Chevy Chase’s bumbling Gerald Ford made America see the accomplished athlete as awkward and impotent.

As so much time has elapsed since the orders were given, the persons that ordered them are quite impotent.

For the third time she watched a coronet slip through her strong determined impotent fingers.

Hamburg writhed impotent at his feet and the "heavy arm of justice fell on the canaille."

Dine darted after him to box his ears, words being impotent, and Tessa went into the house.

She clasped her thin hands in a frenzy of impotent rage—with Anne Ashton had lain the real triumph, with herself the sacrifice.

His temperament was such that he did not worry about evils which he was impotent to remedy.