Impounded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Impounded:

Continuous rains to the north had swollen every brook and rivulet until the impounded water had reached a threatening height.

He stopped on the road every caravan he met, threw off their goods, put on his own, and impounded the animals for his journey.

At the first the boxes were impounded, opened, and found to contain many of OConnors effects.

A short clay pipe, smoked as a digestive, was impounded by the watchful Mrs. Jobson the moment he had finished it.

He now thought he might return to Lisbon, and look after his impounded treasure—his tesouro imprisonado.

She attempted the poor consolation of an "acid tablet," and it was at once impounded by the watchful Mrs. Kingdom.

Water was also impounded in a series of small ponds maintained for the benefit of fish and waterfowl.

Upon this, Mrs. Rusk impounded the flask; and, with Anne beside her, rather precipitately appeared before 'the Master.'

Out of 59 impounded not one escaped the disease and only those speedily removed to other waters recovered.

The cashier became suspicious; the cheque was impounded, and the client communicated with.