Impoverishes [verb]

Definition of Impoverishes:

make poor

Synonyms of Impoverishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impoverishes:


Sentence/Example of Impoverishes:

Giving does not impoverish either her ample purse or her generous heart.

Father Castel was a madman, but a good man upon the whole; he was sorry to see me thus impoverish myself to no purpose.

Spanish policy had devised a still more ingenious contrivance gradually to impoverish the richest families of the land.

In the system we are discussing, to allow them to export crowns would be to allow them to impoverish themselves.

Sometimes nature appears to spend all her intellectual and moral wealth on the father, and almost to impoverish the sons.

To assist the McIntyres was to impoverish themselves, and provoke the undying enmity of their leader.

A renewed party warfare, of which the end can never be foreseen, would impoverish our people, and bring our country to ruin.

He didn't want to impoverish himself by the cheap flinging away of small coin from his ultimate store.

While awaiting this, however, he severely characterized the frauds of confessors in inducing the dying to impoverish their heirs.

Some manufacturers give them a final brightening with a weak bath of a chloride of lime; but it is apt to impoverish the colour.