Impoverishment [noun]

Definition of Impoverishment:


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Sentence/Example of Impoverishment:

There are frequent complaints of the “impoverishment” of the companies through the indiscriminate admittance of “foreigners.”

With lack of employment and with impoverishment, debt and discontent appeared as the visible evidences of the bad condition.

The impoverishment of nobles by the Crusades laid the foundation of this middle class, at least in large towns.

It has been said that “it was in the 15th century that the great impoverishment of the crown estate began.”

At least that could be assumed to be the reason for McAllen's impoverishment, which was a matter Barney had established.

What nation could stand such a drain without impoverishment?

For it tends to the life-long impoverishment of their pupils.

Who would prevent the destruction of the forests, or the irrational exploitation, and therefore impoverishment of the soil?

He is wrong in ascribing to the weather, and similar causes, what is due to the actual impoverishment of his soil.

She was not food for death, his soul cried, passionately protesting against that loss, that impoverishment of the world.