Impractical [adjective]

Definition of Impractical:


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Sentence/Example of Impractical:

Often the best places were inaccessible without a long hike from the road, and that was impractical.

Dyson’s 2013 calculation convinced many people that gravitational wave detectors were, at best, impractical probes for learning about quantum gravity.

The items on this packing list are in the very early stages of development, and in some cases, still pretty impractical and unproven.

Most designs so far also require individual lasers to control each qubit, which quickly gets impractical for devices with thousands if not millions of qubits.

However, in their case, the ship was stationery – which would have been impractical in a real-time scenario with the undulating waves and the ongoing naval maneuvering.

Then life would, to this impractical philosopher, again become worth living.

Scowlingly Bill thought over one plan after another, and rejected each as impractical.

The impractical view of life which art seemed to demand of its devotees was enough to arouse suspicion, if not her actual dislike.

Impractical men have told me that right will always triumph of itself; it needs no fighters to support it.

I established a protective screen, but realized that to set up a permanent defense would be impractical and even harmful.