Imprecate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Imprecate:

But now there is scarcely a tongue in all New England that does not imprecate curses on his name.

He ceased to imprecate only when, by repetition, his oaths became too inexpressive to be worth while.

Further, he made the priests imprecate curses on any one who had dealings with the Persians or deserted the Greek cause.

Bowing my head to think—to pray—to imprecate, I lost all sense of time and place.

At a very early period, he, in drinking, would imprecate vengeance upon "the head of him who ever lived to wear a halter."

To imprecate evil on any living being seems to them unchristian, barbarous, a relic of dark ages and dark superstitions.

I know not what I ought to imprecate on the wretches who had spread a report of your death.

There was nothing for him to resent, nothing for him to imprecate but his own folly.