Imprecations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Imprecations:

But that he was helpless, befooled, he recognized; and with a final muttered imprecation he turned and slowly descended the stair.

Imprecation is seldom absent from these incursions, being, in fact, urgently needed to do duty for closer argumentation.

He blessed his reverence's four bones, his favorite imprecation of the benevolent kind.

With a muttered imprecation, Hawley snatched at the letter, but Matt stepped back quickly and thrust the missive behind him.

It proved to be the party, for they heard a low growling imprecation from Green as he stumbled over some object.

It must have been an efficacious imprecation as the country roundabout looks like a desert waste.

Operatic handcuffs—a most humane contrivance—with long links, to permit of the freest facilities for entreaty and imprecation.

If they have sworn to a falsehood, and if the imprecation falls on their heads, they perish, and the matter ends.

The only sound was a muttered imprecation from the landlady as she stumbled into something in her search for the light.

But they went below,—mumbling many an imprecation upon the head of the crafty Robert Surcouf.