Impregnation [noun]

Definition of Impregnation:

assimilation, incorporation

Synonyms of Impregnation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impregnation:

Sentence/Example of Impregnation:

If their union is permitted at any other time, and particularly in winter, it is seldom attended with impregnation.

But of the supernatural conception of Mary and of her impregnation by a deity we are intensely sceptical.

As far as women are concerned, the danger of extra-marital impregnation occupies the first place.

Or is it poisoned with virus, from a very small distance, by the progressive impregnation of the neighbouring tissues?

Brown goes on to describe the change that follows impregnation, and the gradual appearance of the embryo.

A husband, immediately after the impregnation of his wife, is obliged to quit her, and remains absent a year.

With reference to the effect of the time at which impregnation takes place, Asterias would seem to serve as a type.

In the case when the impregnation is deferred for four hours the male pronucleus never becomes so large as the female pronucleus.

Giard gives an account of impregnation which is not easily brought into harmony with that of the other investigators.

The discovery of Hertwig as to the formation of the male pronucleus throws a flood of light upon impregnation.