Impresario [noun]

Definition of Impresario:

manager, producer

Synonyms of Impresario:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impresario:


Sentence/Example of Impresario:

An impresario once told me that my destiny was to sing in public.

"That's right," said the impresario, and he stopped laughing suddenly, and looked at his watch.

After much reading and considering, Bemolle turned with his business frown to the impresario.

During the concerts the impresario was everywhere to be seen, with his hands in his pockets and his legs wide apart.

The impresario from Vienna replied, asking for two hundred kronen for travelling expenses.

Nancy, Bemolle, and Frulein read the contract over very carefully, while the impresario drank claret and smoked cigarettes.

No one since the impresario had ever dared to intrude upon this sacred starlit hour of their love.

Three hours after my arrival there Alfred Fischoff, the Austrian impresario, routed me out.

It is told of him that, in the early years of his career, he sang so badly out of tune that no impresario would bother with him.

He had been there with an impresario, who finally got tired of backing him, and struggling with his childish irresponsibility.