Impresses [verb]

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It impresses with a sense of increased obligation, that furnishes an ardour of mind, powerfully impelling to duty.

Besides, he had that frank, good-humored expression which always impresses me favorably.

But the genius loci here impresses on the trade in discarded odds and ends a peculiar character of its own.

The presence of great heights or great depths, seen or unseen, always impresses the human mind—perhaps oppresses it.

It turns up at an angle that fills the spectator with admiration, and impresses him with an awe that is speechless.

So God speaks and his Word or Will impresses form upon matter.

In all these similes matter appears as something external to God, upon which he impresses form.

Theirs is that kind of beauty which borders on the sublime, and which impresses us so powerfully in the Ocean.

Hence the joint family directly impresses one as being an extension of the individual family.

It is that feeling of fresh loneliness that impresses itself before any detail of the wild.