Impressionistic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Impressionistic:

If one may judge a woman by the impressionistic method, I should say that Mrs. Bland would be very attractive to men.

All Japanese art, poetry as well as painting, is impressionistic and suggestive instead of detailed.

Analytical minds naturally turn to wit, by preference: Impressionistic minds to humour.

In this book I deal with ghosts and devils by and large, in an impressionistic way.

I think I should have represented battle scenes, and put smoke to hide everything, and then have said it was impressionistic!

One group has cloudy, blurred houses and trees, impressionistic landscapes, and flying birds.

His mining experiences were too fragmentary, and consequently his portraits of mining life are wholly impressionistic.

What the next century may bring is undoubtedly foreshadowed in the work of impressionistic tendency.

These two methods suggest the impressionistic and miniature schools of painting.

He had a fancy for a poem, very impressionistic, which should convey the notion of the crucifix's vigil.