Impressionists [noun]

Definition of Impressionists:

person who imitates

Synonyms of Impressionists:

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Sentence/Example of Impressionists:

You should understand what "impressionism" really is, and what it is not, and what the impressionist stands for.

It is nothing to brag of, even if a man struggling against natural medievalism have entrenched himself in impressionist theory.

I can't quite understand all this now, but it seemed a very picturesque, impressionist description when I wrote it.

My pictures may have possessed a shade too much of the impressionist character.

Another on "Dragon-Flies" is delightful because of its impressionist translations of Japanese poems.

There is the futurist, post-impressionist poseur who more than half believes in his own pose.

But too much of the surface of London is still the work of that dashing impressionist, the climate.

They were buildings, no one could deny that; but even an impressionist painter could claim no beauty for them.

Is art, then, entirely indifferent to subject, as some of the philosophers of the Impressionist school contend?

For statistics is a new thing which has had to fight as desperately for recognition as Impressionist art or Wagnerian opera.