Impressive [adjective]

Definition of Impressive:

powerful, influential

Opposite/Antonyms of Impressive:

Sentence/Example of Impressive:

Seattle is a home favorite in our Elo model, which makes sense given its impressive 38-25 shellacking of the Falcons in Atlanta last week.

Out of the five teams left standing in the 2020 NBA postseason — a list that includes such heavy hitters as the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers — the most impressive of all has probably been the Miami Heat.

The woman’s friend was in her early 50s, had an impressive sense of humor and was a regular at Shenanigans.

Troy Carter has had an equally impressive career in media and entertainment.

I’m a fan of the company’s impressive head instructor and vice-president of fitness programming, Robin Arzon, who I interviewed in June.

Built on stilts, large enough for a bed, and surrounded by fresh water, trees, and stars, the stunning cabins had an impressive effect on the visitors.

If a joke doesn’t land, it almost doesn’t matter because what’s most impressive about Colbert in quarantine is the spirit of the thing.

To create such a novel setup and work it to get answers is impressive.

The most impressive feature, however, is the embedded cockpit seating which means you can sit or kneel with a greatly reduced risk of being bounced out by a rogue wave.

That’s small for a hedge fund—but, so far, Next Alpha’s returns are impressive.