Impressively [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Impressively:

The Cougars have one very impressive win — 51-17 over Boise State.

The fact that he traveled for a three-day trip, or whatever it took, and he came in not terrible shape is impressive.

Growing up in Trieste, Italy he had shown an impressive knack for mathematics, but he was kicked out of high school for insubordination and had to go live with his uncle in Rome.

An impressive group of psychologists and political scientists made this clear in a recent paper in Science.

Though an impressive prospect pipeline and a surprising 86-76 finish in 2013 had raised expectations some, Kansas City was not viewed as a serious contender going into 2014.

In that short time, Reagan has guided the group through an impressive turnaround.

Sunday’s offensive exploits were impressive, but the woes of the Seattle defense contributed.

A 90 percent effectiveness is indeed very impressive—it’s on par with some of the most successful vaccines, similar to the measles shot.

It certainly helped that Brees had his two starting wide receivers back in Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, but regardless it was an impressive performance and a reminder that Brees isn’t done yet.

This is such a textbook authoritarian move, which is impressive coming from a guy who has never read a textbook.