Impressiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Impressiveness:

And to the whole bright spectacle was added the impressiveness of unfaltering rhythm and simultaneousness of movement.

There was a certain impressiveness about her mode of wearing the same gown which seemed to create an illusion.

The "for" is spurious, and though it is not inept the sentence gains greatly in impressiveness by its omission.

The impressiveness of the appeal comes not from fervid vehemence of language, but from the sincerity of his own convictions.

The solemn impressiveness of Mr. Rae's manner awakened in Mr. Dunn an awe amounting to dread.

But to me, whether in summer or when snow piles the rim, the Grand Cañon never loses its intense impressiveness.

Mr. Mulberry added his dissuasions with all the impressiveness of his official uniform and the cubic area of its contents.

For Tom did not stop at threats; his words lost all their impressiveness without the gestures.

Sleepless nights and restless days wore him out until the funeral, an affair of great pomp and enormous impressiveness.

He bade the wanderers farewell and goodspeed with much impressiveness and sent messages of good-will to their parents.