Imprisoning [verb]

Definition of Imprisoning:

confine; put in jail

Opposite/Antonyms of Imprisoning:

Sentence/Example of Imprisoning:

The pleasant green hills gave place to imprisoning mesas, with red sides that looked like battlements.

Imprisoning slopes seemed to be shutting them in without surcease, and Helen looked in vain for any aid.

The moment the brute touched the bait the falling door slid down, imprisoning the prowler.

Besides, my friend: every Egyptian we imprison means imprisoning two Roman soldiers to guard him.

But, after all, it is equally strange why a creditor should take pleasure in imprisoning a debtor.

There was great persecution in many places, both by imprisoning, and by breaking up of meetings.

And so the mouth of the old bear's den was sealed, imprisoning within, the two fugitives from the law.

The little fellow had been about to feel himself a conqueror, and he found himself held within two imprisoning arms, impotent.

Some were for deposing the son; others for imprisoning the father.

The sun had just escaped from the folds of an imprisoning cloud, and was shining full upon the beautiful town and hill.