Improbability [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Improbability:

The improbability of it struck Nina as she went to and fro in the inner room, preparing their supper.

Certainly the habits of his later life would not have made such a result an improbability.

At every point he was baffled by the wild improbability of the facts that he had discovered.

At length the night began to close in, and the guides talked of the improbability of reaching the English station before night.

On the other hand its intrinsic improbability is so great, that it can hardly be accepted without cogent evidence.

My senses assured me of the truth of them, and yet their abruptness and improbability made me, in my turn, somewhat incredulous.

The utter improbability of his ever seeing the inside of one of the East Fifty-fifth Street mansions!

The strongest objection against the truth of the assertion, however, lies in its inherent improbability.

Mr. Duffy strongly urged upon his fellow labourers the improbability of success, and advised a distinct change of policy.

Upon this fact alone, I would place the improbability of insects being the cause of epidemic disease.