Improbable [adjective]

Definition of Improbable:

not likely

Synonyms of Improbable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Improbable:

Sentence/Example of Improbable:

Of course, any such speculation only underscores just how improbable Kipchoge’s win streak really was.

Allen has raised his ceiling this year, performing at a level many would have considered improbable before this season.

Earlier this month, before the Nuggets pulled off another improbable series comeback, I asked 7-footer Nikola Jokić about the patient, glacially paced style he uses on offense.

Of all the subcultures on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, this is one of the most improbable—and riskiest—to emerge.

That is to say, it is improbable that there would be a major polling error in Michigan that wouldn’t also be reflected in similar states such as Wisconsin and Ohio.

Leaving Howlet and Meadows grinning at a highly improbable adventure, he slapped the boy on the shoulder.

One of the company observed that this was improbable, as Dr. Goldsmith had never been in that part of the country.

It is not improbable, however, that the movement may have been a serious attempt at a great flank attack on England.

Limited to Cycadeae, however, it does not appear to me so very improbable, as to deserve to be rejected without examination.

Rabbah was to be a sheep-fold, Babylon a menagerie of wild beasts—a very specific difference and very improbable.