Improved [adjective]

Definition of Improved:

made better

Synonyms of Improved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Improved:

Sentence/Example of Improved:

If rates inch back toward normal as the economy improves, prices of stocks and real estate could tumble.

If we do so now, we’ll be surprised at what’s possible, and instead of endangering our republic, we’ll keep it and even improve it.

You can make changes, see the effect, and then move on to see what else you can do to improve situations.

The researchers intuited that because titles themselves are a form of summary, they would further help the model improve its results.

According to Ableson, Arrival has also developed battery modules and other electrical components in house, which should improve profit margins compared with buying those from suppliers.

At the insistence of EASA and Canada, Boeing is also working on longer-term fixes to improve the plane’s safety.

The data deprivation limits media companies’ ability to make programming adjustments to improve their channels’ viewership as well as to sell ads against their channels.

Although Kohl’s adjusted profit was higher than expected thanks to cost cuts and better inventory management—a fact that lifted its shares—in the long term, Gass needs to improve sales.

Sensors can provide engineers with real-time data of the quality of our infrastructure to make the best decisions for building and maintaining roads, bridges, and pavement while improving safety for drivers and construction workers.

Collapsing trust in survey research and researchers certainly does not improve response rates.