Improvements [noun]

Definition of Improvements:

bettering; something bettered

Opposite/Antonyms of Improvements:

Sentence/Example of Improvements:

Most of the sanitary improvements and the educational, all schemes for parks and better streets, come from them.

The marvelous improvements in mechanism and tone production and control in 1886 to 1913 by Robt.

Messrs. Jennens and Bettridge commenced in 1816, and improvements in the manufacture have been many and continuous.

Undoubtedly the first improvements to be named must be the pneumatic and electro-pneumatic actions.

Watt, during thirty years of improvements, caused the duty to reach sixteen or twenty millions in 1800.

He rapidly introduced modern string tone and other improvements there.

In the course of this work we have referred to the many improvements he effected in organ construction and reed voicing.

In connection with telephony he invented a multitude of improvements, some of which are still in universal use.

He can also give you the results of the late improvements, with much more information than I can give.

He noticed the improvements which had been made in the place since he was there last, and knew it was Jake's handiwork.