Improves [verb]

Definition of Improves:

make or become better

Opposite/Antonyms of Improves:

Sentence/Example of Improves:

Morris reads Withoute, which improves the line:—'Without-e fabl' I wol descryve.'

It improves the quantity and quality of most crops, and causes them to arrive more rapidly at maturity.

My repeated requests for assistance have been ignored by the overseer, who improves every opportunity to insult and humiliate me.

Sire, blood drawn improves the complexion, so mine ought to be good this morning.

Neither the intellectual nor the moral character of any person stands stock-still: a man improves, or he declines.

This abundance of fruit gives an air of great plenty, and likewise much improves the beauty of the country.

The city, by the advantages which it affords, daily improves, and is the largest mart in Asia within the Taurus.

As the quantity of milk diminishes in a farrow cow, the quality improves within certain limits.

A motley majority in the Reichstag not only accepts, but improves upon his protectionist demands.

It cools the mouth, quenches the thirst, stimulates the desire to be at them again, and improves the play.