Improvident [adjective]

Definition of Improvident:

careless, spendthrift

Synonyms of Improvident:

Opposite/Antonyms of Improvident:

Sentence/Example of Improvident:

Then as the sober days of manhood came, and Landy witnessed the finish of the improvident and foolish, he began to save and skimp.

How ridiculously improvident it was of the curate and Emily Gibson to fall in love with one another, wisdom could testify.

He is dutiful to his father, the improvident, though ambitious Charles Mari de Buonaparte.

In those days the people were poor and improvident, and a single failure in their crops left them in a sorry condition.

She found, to her dismay, that this was owing to their having eaten all the seed potatoes,—that last lapse of the improvident.

He was not, he said, so improvident as he seemed, and was as free as possible from anxiety about the future.

Extreme dearth, not more owing to adverse seasons than to improvident consumption, was frequently endured.

Both were throughout life lacking in executive ability; both were financially improvident.

An improvident man, as the world uses the term, he undoubtedly had been, but this arose from a defect of character.

"Hello, I know that place," Bofinger said to himself, recognizing the boarding-house as a haven of improvident actors.