Improvisations [noun]

Definition of Improvisations:

extemporary speech

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Sentence/Example of Improvisations:

High school students will be able to take Advanced Placement tests this spring at home or in school, on multiple possible dates, as the coronavirus pandemic continues to require unprecedented improvisation in academic routines.

She favored classical music, while he preferred improvisation and jazz.

The pandemic’s onset shattered normality as we knew it, but as consumers responded to lockdowns and economic crisis, the programmatic business entered a period marked by reset, stock-taking, improvisation and experimentation.

The recipe notably lacks spices, so you can treat the recipe as a base for light improvisation, adding a quarter teaspoon each of your favorite fall flavors — think nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and allspice.

All my creative works have been done empirically, and above all I am an artist who works based on improvisation.

One thing which impressed Kndinger was his remarkable power of improvisation.

In action, however, as when Kitty Tynan helped him on with his coat, he was a pure improvisation of nature.

Of course our artist did not bethink himself long, but sat down at once, and launched out into an improvisation on a Polish air.

The structure and flexibility of the language is highly favourable to this kind of improvisation.

Like the sailors' "shanties" and the plantation choruses, it was capable of indefinite extension and improvisation.