Improvised [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Improvised:

In a pinch, you can build improvised snowshoes and string of other related winter accoutrements.

During each turn, players build off ideas introduced by other players, and the whole experience ends up being a weird combination of game and improvised storytelling.

He was quick to observe and nothing escaped him, from the improvised candlesticks to the napkin by his china plate.

After his music lesson, or after having improvised for any length of time, he was invariably overwrought and excited.

He tried to jump, his foot caught, he slipped, and the next moment was lying full length in the improvised bed.

Great was my surprise, on entering the hall, to see near the platform an elegant improvised green-room, curtained off.

He waited until the guerrillas were within a few rods of the improvised breastworks, then ordered the men to fire.

They dragged him back clear of any further falls, and improvised a stretcher on which to carry home his now unconscious body.

Then I watched her slender legs swing up and out of sight as she went up her improvised ladder hand over hand.

They entered the cook-tent at once, and took their places on empty boxes around a small improvised table.