Impudently [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Impudently:

"To you, sir—nothing," answered the fellow impudently, and looked him straight between the eyes.

And now, Monsieur Pujol,” said he impudently, “I am willing to sell you this rubbish for the cheque.

They were passing a low groggery among the pines, when he came out of it, pistol in hand, and impudently ordered them to stop.

Where many brave ladies; among others, Castlemayne lay impudently upon her back in her coach asleep, with her mouth open.

"I wasn't born yesterday," said Dink impudently, gesturing with his spoon.

The prince felt the attack so impudently made upon him, and immediately seized the depredator by the collar.

Pater is better, I think; and I, as usual, am impudently flourishing in country air and idleness.

The truth was that his long and ardent—yet somehow not impudently ardent—look at her had stirred the dust and ashes in her heart.

After uttering these odious words with revolting cynicism, the wretch looked impudently round the audience.

He set up a half cry, and struggled his arms, and head free again, crowing the next moment most impudently.