Impugned [verb]

Definition of Impugned:

criticize, challenge

Opposite/Antonyms of Impugned:

Sentence/Example of Impugned:

The judge did not enter into this spirit of foolery, resenting, indeed, that a sound medicinal compound should be thus impugned.

They would not yield, however; they regarded my reasons as childish sentimentality, and half impugned my courage besides.

If the record were received generally by any nation, the onus probandi would in that case lie with those who impugned it.

For, as it is the eternal truth of the eternal God, so shall it once prevail, howsoever for a time it be impugned.

The old man was most indignant that his honor should be impugned in such manner.

Maxon took some offence at it, as though it impugned his sincerity.

It may be said that this view is confirmed rather than impugned.

They are not impugned by Dr. Colenso; they are left unshaken, untouched.

Never before had life been so hard for the many, never before had its value been so impugned.

The sincerity of the fathers of the Republic was impugned he justified them.