Impugning [verb]

Definition of Impugning:

criticize, challenge

Opposite/Antonyms of Impugning:

Sentence/Example of Impugning:

It’s more work for you, of course, but the goal is to ensure your behavior is above reproach while giving Wanda space to prove —or impugn — herself.

Neeld admitted that he had no reason to impugn the Major's character.

To suppose them to have been otherwise would be to impugn the common sense of our ancestors.

I do not perceive that my associates impugn a single statement of fact contained in my note.

This practice is of such venerable antiquity, and so universal, that it would be vain to impugn it.

But without meaning to impugn his veracity, or to dispute the register, we may say that he has scarcely got anybody to believe it.

No one, I think, will venture to impugn the motives or the purity of the intentions of Miss Heald in taking this step.

The civil, which this man cuts to pieces, he was not bold enough to impugn.

It is a piece of bare-faced impudence to impugn the girl's honour.

To give way to passion would have been but to impugn the solemnity of her past regrets.