Impulses [noun]

Definition of Impulses:

drive, resolve

Synonyms of Impulses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impulses:

Sentence/Example of Impulses:

Now this setting up of an orderly law-abiding self seems to me to imply that there are impulses which make for order.

Various impulses urged him into a pouring flood of words; yet he gave expression to none of them.

His superior talents and untiring industry were under the direction of philanthropic and Christian impulses.

The obeying of several hints, of secret impulses, argues great wisdom.

The same two impulses are said to lie at the root of the elaborate art of personal adornment developed by savages.

It was not purposely contrived, it was in automatic obedience to deeper impulses than she knew.

Do you still suppose that I am so much a boy as not to know my own mind, or to mistake the impulses of my own soul?

In the seas the fluid has an exceeding freedom of motion; it can obey the varied impulses which the solar energy imposes upon it.

These gloomy crypts are a school of Christian love and gentle charity, of ennobling thoughts and elevating impulses.

There is a certain intercommunication between the impulses which pass along these various nerve fibres.