Imputable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Imputable:

When such evils happen, they surely are more imputable to the tyranny of the master than to the cruelty of the servant.

At most we can say that they merely exhibit pre-existent evils, imputable to no one.

If he omits extraordinary means, the death is not criminally imputable to him because there is no precept obliging such means.

This last blemish, however, is not much imputable to the Fables.

Or if he does believe so, it is his own individual mistake, not imputable to the demonstration.

This was no other than Thomas Craig, to whose malignity and cunning all her misfortunes were imputable.

These cruelties, Mr. Henniker said, were not imputable to the Slave Trade.

Indifference or neglect imputable to a corrupt intention are sufficient.

All personal preferences for certain forms of art are imputable to the predomination of the male or the female in the individual.

But those errors were imputable to carelessness much more than to malice.