Imputations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Imputations:

This imputation on his son was too much for the small remnant of patience that remained to the Duke.

It appeared in 1866, and called forth much angry discussion and imputation of treason from the enemies of the new movement.

This imputation was repelled by the chancellor of the exchequer; but it was still maintained that such must have been its effect.

The Stock Exchange resents the imputation and makes things dangerous for Owen.

This was raising a false issue, and an avowed imputation and contempt of the King.

The imputation of untruthfulness was one to which she was particularly sensitive.

Under this imputation on her straightness Miriam flinched but for an instant.

The fever of post-nuptial felicity was strong upon Harry just then, but he did not attempt to deny the imputation.

Successful as he commonly was, his conduct did not always pass without unfavorable imputation.

She merely disclaims the unjust imputation of her accuser, and explains the true cause of her emotions.