Imputed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Imputed:

In the others, it is that righteousness imputed through grace to each believer.

None of his sins, which he hath committed, shall be imputed to him: he hath done judgment and justice, he shall surely live.

Rash and arrogant sayings were imputed to him, and perhaps invented for him.

We have imputed to the Koran a great number of foolish things which it never contained.

The king and his brother imputed the misfortune of their father, Charles I, to the want of a regular army.

The Bristol fire is universally imputed to design and patriotic virtue.

Something of it, I fear, must be imputed to the extraordinary profits of the smuggling which is carried on along the coast.

My bill was extravagant to a degree; a circumstance I imputed to the want of some due attentions to Madame.

The ill success of half the foreign purchasers must be imputed to this oversight.

The health of the peasantry may perhaps in good part be imputed to this vegetable abundance.