Inability [noun]

Definition of Inability:

disabling lack of talent, skill

Opposite/Antonyms of Inability:

Sentence/Example of Inability:

Besides the emotional toll resulting from a sense of loneliness and a general feeling of being misunderstood, there are practical concerns such as the inability to lip-read through masks.

The teams struggled to overcome labor-intensive manual processing and an inability to quickly deliver content through their app and print channels.

Symptoms of the more extreme versions include sadness, anxiety, extreme fatigue and an inability to concentrate, among others.

Abloh has often been criticized for his inability to connect with us.

State health officials say the unpredictable shipments have led to chaos on the ground, including the inability to quickly use up all of the doses sent to them.

The inability of systems to distinguish between correlation and causation is also at the root of algorithmic discrimination.

The company’s inability to deliver planes during the ground and cancellations of previous orders have cost the company billions of dollars.

Some activists, frustrated by the inability of regulators to effectively constrain Google’s actions, have taken matters into their own hands.

To make up for its inability to run the ball, Pittsburgh was forced to attack defenses through the air.

Typically it has been an inability to finish drives, or errors on critical plays.