Inaccuracy [noun]

Definition of Inaccuracy:

error, erroneousness

Synonyms of Inaccuracy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inaccuracy:

Sentence/Example of Inaccuracy:

Spot checking of local restaurants by Mike Blumenthal, after a GMB forums complaint by BJ’s restaurants, indicated more than isolated inaccuracy on restaurant wait times.

In the letter and an accompanying four-page statement, Prospect asserted the article is “riddled with inaccuracies and misleading statements, both by inclusion and omission.”

For this reason, this particular portion of the study was highly susceptible to inaccuracies, both due to the nature of trying to pin down a moving target, and the variability of each tool’s scraping capabilities.

Koh said inaccuracies produced from a shortened schedule would affect the distribution of federal funding and political representation over the next 10 years.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, a right-wing think tank that has long pushed exaggerated claims of voter fraud, filed an amicus brief for the defense, asking the court to consider its research on inaccuracies in the state’s voter rolls.

There is another Inaccuracy, which tho of less Consequence, ought not to escape notice.

During the debate Lord George Bentinck gave an unhappy proof of his inaccuracy of statement and party spirit.

The Indians had decided on an advance, being encouraged probably by the latter inaccuracy of the plainsmen's fire.

After these offences of self-will and vanity Tom Taylor finds us some other little thing—I think it is inaccuracy.

He apologized, if there should be any inaccuracy in his letter, because he had a head-ache and some degree of fever.