Inaccurately [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inaccurately:

The returns required by law were in many cases wholly neglected, and in others they were inaccurately made.

So soon as serious political and social dislocation occurred, the money mechanism began to work stiffly and inaccurately.

Although he had Petzholdt's description before him, he reports John Bale's sixteenth century biobibliographies inaccurately.

"Talks too much," said Mrs. Bindle with decision, filling in the blank inaccurately.

But what has been the course pursued by Russia with regard to that which is loosely and inaccurately termed the Ti-ping revolt?

Is it not within the realm of the possible that his words have been inaccurately reported?

In several European countries such marriages have been registered, though somewhat spasmodically and inaccurately.

That seems to stand without relation, but is referred to find, the first conjunction being inaccurately suppressed.

He constantly quotes a sentence inaccurately in his text, while it is accurately transcribed in a footnote.

The trunk has been therefore called by some botanists a “bundle of roots,” but I think inaccurately.