Inadequately [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Inadequately:

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine listed “inadequate testing” as the top reason why startups fail.

He also expects unsourced rumors of inadequate safety procedures at local polling places.

For the federal government to put it on the states to protect workers is wholly and fundamentally inadequate.

She said the Mnuchin proposal remains inadequate, and said she could not accept something that the administration can’t even sell to the Senate.

Cetron told colleagues in an email that the industry’s plan was inadequate, given the “sardine can density” of these ships, records show.

The article claimed his death was due to inadequate PPE at East Orange.

“Floridians shouldn’t face unnecessary obstacles to their right to vote because of inadequate state software,” Guadalupe said.

Hollins “has not explained why or how the pandemic has rendered inadequate the usual distribution of ballot applications on request,” the opinion stated.

What the subcommittee ultimately concluded is that current antitrust enforcement mechanisms are largely inadequate to deal with the concentration of power in the digital economy.

The groups say that AT&T has left rural areas and people with low incomes with old, inadequate broadband services.