Inamorato [noun]

Definition of Inamorato:

person who is loved by another

Synonyms of Inamorato:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inamorato:






Sentence/Example of Inamorato:

"Now Heaven nourish thy judgment, gentle youth," said Crevecoeur, still laughing at the chivalrous inamorato.

Her present inamorato promised to give us this specimen of his power over her.

If you'll undertake it, I'll make bold to indulge my love, and within these two hours be a desperate inamorato.

Orleans is as passionate an inamorato as any which Shakspeare ever drew.

"Get up," said she, rudely pushing her inamorato off the sofa.

A noteworthy example occurs in Boiardo's Orlando Inamorato, cc.

However, if a new inamorato fills her thoughts, it is idle for me to yelp.

She was incessantly importuned, now by her father, and now by her inamorato.