Inane [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inane:

Alarm grew in Garnache's mind, but his face maintained its foolish vacancy, its inane smile.

I should not allow inane sentimentality to influence me: it is beneath the revolutionist.

One can get amongst set after set of fellows, and into plenty of inane fashionable drawing-rooms; but, bai Jove!

Among the Aryan nations an meant mind, and this term is clearly responsible for inane or without ane.

Next week I shall devour them and think them, no doubt, inane.

Who was saying those inane things over the speaker that served the robot as a mouth?

The little robot seemed to have developed a sudden penchant for asking seemingly inane questions.

Behind the Mountains, in this manner, all is inane darkness to Friedrich and Schwerin.

What inane small talk I uttered in the Leslies' big, over-furnished drawing-room I know not.

His tone irritated Betton: it had the inane optimism of the physician reassuring a discouraged patient.